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Posted by: APT on Friday, October 30, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

We are all excited for the week long International APT Conference which kicks off this Saturday with a lantern ghost tour of the Elmwood Cemetery!

The Association for Preservation Technology (APT) Conference is being held right here in Kansas City. We are extremely eager to show off our home town! The conference theme is – Convergence of People and Places – Diverse Technologies and Practices – a perfect fit for us in defining a city where “CONVERGENCE is as much a part of modern life as it is deeply ingrained in the history and culture.” APT Kansas City 2015 will explore preservation technologies and identify the common threads that impact the future practice of heritage preservation and conservation.

Photo credit Dry Stone Conservancy

STRATA Architecture + Preservation has been very involved in the local planning efforts for the past year and a half. Trudy is on the APT Central Plains Board and the Local Conference Planning Committee. Teamed with the Dry Stone Conservancy which is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, she is heading up one of the hands-on workshops on Dry-laid Masonry Techniques, It’s Not Just Stacking Stone! This workshop will focus on a craft that is rapidly disappearing due to a lack of skill and demand. MAster craftsmen will convey knowledge on the conservation of dry-laid stone and techniques involved for reconstruction. The workshop will include education on the history of dry-laid stone and tools of the trade, tours of area dry-laid masonry walls, and hands-on field work where participants have an opportunity to reconstruct sections of a dry-laid stone wall.

The next week will be action packed while we connect with Architects, Engineers, Preservationists, and Conservators – all at the leading edge of their profession. We can’t wait! BUT…we may have to sneak out for a bit to catch the games…GO ROYALS, take the Crown!!!



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