2008 APT Student Scholarship Winners

Doug Appler
Cornell University
Poster Title: Climate as Architect: How French Colonial Residential Architecture Responded to the Elements in Canada and Greater Louisiana

Josh Bodenweiser
University of Florida
Poster Title: Conservation Strategies to Protect Historic St. Augustine, FL Neighborhood

Piotr Bojakowski
Texas A&M University
Poster Title: Conservation Aspects of the 16th-century Western Ledge Reef Wreck

Lacey Bubnash
Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
Poster Title: Conserving Dalle de Verre: New Approaches to a Modern Material

Andrea Buono
Columbia University
Poster Title: An Evaluation of Creep in Stone Adhesives

Kara Dotter
Queen's University Belfast
Poster Title: 40 Years of Conservation Mortars: Evolution and Effects

Alice Finke
University of Pennsylvania
Poster Title: Implementing Preventive Architectural Conservation: Do historic property stewards in the United States possess the tools to meet the challenge

Meisha Hunter
GSAPP, Columbia University
Poster Title: Stewardship and Sustainability of Historic Waterworks

Abby Martin
University of Washington
Poster Title: A Modern Artifact : The Nuclear Reactor Building

Maryam Rafiee Fanood
Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)
Poster Title: The use of bacteria for stone conservation

Will Raynolds
Columbia University
Poster Title: Lessons from the Hadramaut: Recent Results of the Tarim Documentation Project

Ben Sabatini
Columbia University, New York University
Poster Title: Sicilian Stucco and Carthaginian Colors