2012 APT Student Scholarship Winners

Dawn Bilobran
Eastern Michigan University
Deconstructing Detroit: Partnerships in Reuse and Renewal

Alison Chiu
Columbia University
The Rise of the Weep Hole: Wall Drainage During the Early 20th Century

Jason Crowley
Columbia University
Modern Living in a Historic Resource: An Investigation in Adapting Vernacular ‘Freedman's Cottages' for the Twenty-First Century

Barbara Fisher
Savannah College of Art and Design
Creating A Digital Database Of Historic Resources On Wilmington Island, Georgia

Andreea Hamilton
University of Texas at Austin
Decorative Painted Ceilings at the University of Texas at Austin: A Close Collaboration Between Artist and Architect

Navid Hossaini
University of British Columbia
“Em-green” sustainability assessment framework: shifting the traditional building practice in the 21st century

John Killingsworth
University of Nebraska
The Nebraska State Capitol: A Model of Collaborative Efforts to Preserve a Midwestern Historic Landmark

Kayla Loveman
Columbia University
In Situ Deacidification of Vernacular Wallpaper

Jacquelyn Mauer
University of Utah
Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems: performance analysis

Amarantha Quintana-Morales
University of Texas at Austin
Appropriated Vernacular: Jacal Construction at the Blas Herrera Ranch

Sarah Ripple
Columbia University
The Preservation of Modern Stone Veneer Buildings: A Focus on the Fasteners and Support Systems

Myengsoo Seo (Martin Weaver Scholar)
University of Florida
Creative preservation of modern industrial facilities in South Korea: A case study of the Incheon Art Platform, South Korea

Elaine Shapiro
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scale Model Experiments on Unreinforced Masonry Vaults

Myriam St-Denis
Université de Montréal
“Is the registration of the León Cathedral in Nicaragua into the UNESCO’s World Heritage List a possible mission?”

Kathryn Stephens
Savannah College of Art and Design
Revisiting Restorations: Issues of Correction and Reinterpretation in the Work of Early Preservationists