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Sunday, October 26 and Monday October 27

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Go a little deeper into subject matter by joining us for two-day, in-depth sessions taught by experts. You'll enjoy great camaraderie as you expand your knowledge. Full Conference registration is not required. Workshop fee is $550. Workshops will be in French and English simultaneously interpreted and/or English with bilingual assistance as needed.

 WS1–Doing More with Less: Preserving Fortifications in the 21st Century 

The first day of this two-day workshop will be a colloquium open to specialists as well as non-specialists. Topics will cover an overview of historical, archaeological, urban planning, technical, interpretation, social and economic issues related to these structures.

The workshop’s second day emphasis will be entirely on technical issues and challenges and include a technical field trip. The focus will be on preservation and reparation techniques, drainage and waterproofing options that provide long-term solutions as well as making decisions about saving or letting go these structures.

 WS2–Preservation Engineering: Principles and Practice in the Assessment and Treatment of Heritage Structures  SOLD OUT! Waiting list only

A solid preservation philosophy for heritage structures necessitates the proper assessment of the structural adequacy of heritage buildings, in conjunction with a proper interpretation and application of relevant codes and regulations. This workshop will cover this in depth, as well as present methods to implement and design structural remediation.

The workshop will conclude with issues of tectonics and material compatibility, tying the discussion into the overall Conference theme.

 WS3–Savoir-Faire: Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Modernity

This workshop brings together multi-disciplinary specialists involved in the preservation/conservation of buildings to discuss current practice, identify shortfalls, and develop effective strategies of working together. Essentially, bridging the gap between traditional craft and contemporary building science and technique.

Facilitators will present the results of a recent study on the state of craftsman in preservation/conservation in Québec to launch a discussion of its importance and necessity. They will also look at specific challenges related to the conservation of crafted and manufactured wood, stone, fired clay (ceramics) and metals and how these challenges can be resolved through collaboration. This workshop is designed for mid-career professionals (architects, conservators, engineers, craftsmen, contractors, historians, etc.)

 WS4–Documentation Data: The Platform for Condition Analysis and the Basis for Preservation Project Planning SOLD OUT! Waiting list only

Participants in this workshop will be able to ensure successful rehabilitation by accurately assembling current site and building data. The facilitators will emphasize the latest technologies and demonstrate current tools being used for survey and NDI (Non-Destructive Investigation). The tools of MBS (Measured Building Survey) and NDI form the foundation for evaluation and development of important existing structures. Geared toward mid-career professionals involved with all aspects of the care and development of significant and historic structures, this workshop will provide information how to assemble an  effective data strategy to fit short- and long-term project needs.



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