2016 APT Student Scholarship Winners

John Arnold
Michigan Technological University
Persistent Infrastructure: Vernacular Preservation of the Postindustrial Landscape

Allyson Bradford
Cal Poly Pomona
A Layered Approach to the Documentation of Historic Resources

Rachelle Byarlay
University of Oregon
Glue-Laminated Timber in the Pacific Coast of the United States: Its Developments, Deterioration, and Preservation Methods

Brian Cooley
Cornell University
Challenges in the Preservation of Masonry Bricolage

Carly Farmer
Carleton University
Applications of OSCAR: Case studies from the classroom and workplace

Jean Jang
University of Pennsylvania
Performance Evaluation of Nanolime as a Consolidant for Friable Lime-Based Plaster

Paula Jarrett Nasta
University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture
Natural Hair Binders in Historic Texas Vernacular Mortars

Vishal Joshi
University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture
Preserving Nepalese Heritage

Andrew Leith
University of Texas at Austin, Historic Preservation
A Preservation in Ruins: The current crisis in ruins preservation requires decisive action. We must begin by creating a set of metrics to aid in determining which ruins to preserve and why

Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki
University of Pennsylvania
A Computational Simulation Methodology for Reconstructing and Analyzing the Environmental Behavior of Naturally Ventilated Historic Structures and the Role of Adaptive Comfort Strategies in Preservation Design

Kristin Potterton
University of York
Managing the Industrial Ruin in the National Park Context: An Assessment of the Preservation and Conservation Process

Caroline Raftery
Columbia University GSAPP
The Preservation of the Bungalow Courts of Hollywood, California

Echo Uribe
Goucher College
With Soft-Woven Spanish Names: Assessing Historic Preservation Programs In South Texas Border Towns

Casey Weisdock
University of Pennsylvania
Performance Based Evaluation of Select Salt Crystallization Inhibitors As a Means to Mitigate Salt Damage in Architectural Terracotta

Sarah Yoon
Columbia University
Cladding the Mid-Century Modern: Thin stone veneer-faced precast concrete