Travel Grant Recipients

APT is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Getty Foundation to support conference participation by Latin American and Caribbean preservation professionals to the 2016 APT Annual Conference.

Name City/Country Poster
Andres Aninat Arica Link
Zenon Barros Céspedes Santiago Link
Renata Cima Campiotto São Paulo Link
David Cohen Bogotá Link
Barbara Cortizo de Aguiar Rio de Janeiro Link
Claudia Rodríguez Espinosa Morelia, México Link
Rafael Saucedo Flores Guadalupe, Zacatecas, México Link
Sergio García Cuba Link
Beatriz Silvia Garzón San Miguel de Tucumán Link
Andres Gaviria Valenzuela Bogota, Columbia Link
Rodrigo Reis Newton Paiva Belo Horizonte, Brazil Link
Marco Antônio Penido de Rezende Belo Horizonte, Brazil Link
Danae Peguero Bueno Santo Domingo Link
Juan Carlos Rivera Colombia Link
Yamile Rodriguez Asilis PUERTO PLATA Link
Enrique Segovia Molinas México City, México Link


APT San Antonio, Texas
October 30-November 2, 2016
Hilton Palacio Del Rio

     The APT-Getty International Program provides the opportunity for practicing preservation professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean to not only expand, and share their knowledge of preservation practices but also to create a network of fellow preservationists from around the world.  Program participants, along with all Conference participants, will gain enhanced expertise through international exchange.

To qualify for the APT-Getty International Program, candidates are required to:
1.         Pay a discounted  conference registration fee of $450 registration. Register online.   (Refunds will be given to those not selected.)
2.         Be a permanent resident in Latin America or the Caribbean.
3.         Submit a proposed budget for the trip
4.         Submit a justification for the grant.
5.         Be able to pay for his/her airfare and ground transportation in home country in advance and receive reimbursement via wire transfer following the conference.
6.         Submit a resume/curriculum vitae
7.         Be able to actively participate in a Conference that will be presented in English
8.         Upon acceptance, submit a digital poster in English presenting an overview of applicant’s background, areas of expertise and special projects. Photo to be included in the poster.
9.         Complete a post-conference evaluation.

Application Deadline
Complete and submit all required information online no later than July 18, 2016.

Apply Here

Contact Claudia Rodriguez, Travel Coordinator


The Connecting Professionals/Sharing Expertise program  is made possible by a grant from the Getty Foundation.

Air and Ground
     Beneficiaries of the grant must book and prepay for round trip air transportation from their place of residence to San Antonio, Texas and ground transportation expenses, both in their place of residence and in San Antonio.  Airfare and ground transportation reimbursement will be made by wire transfer in exchange for a completed Conference evaluation form.

Per Diem
A per diem for miscellaneous onsite expenses will be distributed at the beginning of the Conference.

APT will pay directly the Hotel a maximum of four (4) nights. Any additional night at the hotel will be the sole responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

Beneficiaries are responsible for paying for and registering for a discounted Conference registration ($450 USD).

APT has included as part of the grant the cost of attending one half-day field session.

No Shows
Important: Grant recipients who for any reason do not register at the Conference or decide not to attend the Conference will receive no reimbursement.

In mid-August you will receive an email which will tell whether or not you were selected to receive assistance to participate in the APT 2016 San Antonio Conference

If you are selected, you will be required to:
1. Pay for round trip airfare and ground transportation from your place of residence to the Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio, Texas and present receipts for reimbursement.

2. Submit a digital poster in English presenting an overview of applicant’s background, areas of expertise and special projects. Photo to be included in the poster.

3.   Commit to actively participate in the following Conference events:
--Opening Session and Keynote Speaker
--College of Fellows Keynote Speaker
--Exhibit Gala
--20 paper sessions
--Half-day field session
--APT Latin America Chapter Annual Meeting
--Complete an online evaluation form before leaving the Conference that will include a summary of your key learning points from participating in paper sessions and field session(s), as well as networking results, particularly with non-Latin American colleagues.

The professional travel support is made possible by a grant from The Getty Foundation.