APT awards recognize excellence in the development and dissemination of preservation technology.

The Harley J. McKee Award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of preservation technology. 

The David Fischetti Award is presented by the Preservation Engineering Technical Committee for an outstanding article that advances the field of conservation engineering.

The APT Publications Committee presents three awards to authors of APT Bulletin articles. The Oliver Torrey Fuller Award recognizes the year's best Bulletin article on preservation technology; the Anne de Fort-Menares Award salutes the article best exemplifying the application of historical-research techniques to a conservation project; and the Martin E. Weaver Award is for the article that best demonstrates excellence in the history of technology, training and education in historic preservation, or in the investigation and treatment of wood in historic buildings and artifacts. 

Presented every three years, the Lee Nelson Award heralds the best book-length work on preservation technology. 

As many as 12 APT members participate in multidisciplinary, international juries for these awards. Communication among jury members is generally carried out by e-mail. Contact the APT Publications Committee if you wish to volunteer to serve on an awards jury.