Building Technology Heritage Library

Do you have something to add to the Building Technology Heritage Library?

The APT Quebec City conference will have a scanning center set up to scan documents for the Building Technology Heritage Library.  During the course of the conference you, or a designated volunteer, can scan your archival documents using a “book edge” scanner that is easy to use. This scanner doesn't require bound documents to be opened more than 90 degrees.  It automatically converts the documents to “pdf” files, which can then be uploaded to the Internet Archive.  The final step is the “upload” of the documents to the Internet Archive, which requires only a few fields of data.

The primary focus of the BTHL has been period architectural trade catalogs and other commercial literature that is in the public domain.  This means items published before 1964, but could also include newer items if you are the copyright holder.  For example, a Historic Structure Report that you produced would be a useful document.  Documents should be limited to 8.5” x 11” for the smaller scanner we will be bringing to the conference.   Documents under 100 pages can usually be scanned in under 15 minutes.

If you have documents that you have already scanned and converted to “pdf” files just bring them on a flash drive.  These can be uploaded by APT scanning volunteers.  These have to be items in the public domain or items under your copyright.

Summary of data fields for the upload:





Subject headings (Using Library of Congress and CSI terms)


If you have a larger collection of documents to share, email me with the details. The smaller “book edge” scanner spent the summer in New York and Chicago and is “ready to travel.”

Mike Jackson, FAIA, Springfield IL

Photo by Claudel Huot


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