Beyond the Big House:

New Approaches to Cultural Landscape Preservation at Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation [FS1]

Sunday, September 30, 8:00–5:00

Fees: APT Conference registrants–$150  PTN IPTW registrants–$200 
Includes: admission fees, breakfast, lunch, transportation, materials
Transportation: Tour bus, departing from Francis Marion Hotel
Dress Code: Casual with sturdy walking shoes
Handicapped Accessibility: Limited
Continuing Education: Yes

Field Session:
Take a bus trip to the beautiful Ashley River Historic District to get an indepth look at two very significant plantation properties, Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. These adjacent sites are both ancestral seats of the Drayton family and share an intertwined history. However, as public historic sites, they are owned and operated in fairly distinct ways. Through a mix of presentations by preservation professionals and behind-the-scenes tours of both sites, you will learn the evolution of cultural landscape preservation philosophies at both properties which highlight an intriguing juxtaposition. The speakers will present recent analysis of the different layers of these landscapes which have informed new approaches to both sites’ management and interpretation. A particular area of focus will be how best to manage these cultural landscapes while also tending to the needs of the visiting public. Lunch is included.


  • Winslow Hastie, Director of Preservation & Museums, Historic Charleston Foundation and Director of Magnolia Plantation Corporation, Charleston, SC, USA
  • Carter C. Hudgins, Ph.D., Director of Preservation and Education, Drayton Hall, Charleston, SC, USA


  • Andrew Kohr, Assistant Director of Historic Preservation and Cultural Landscapes, Robert and Company, Atlanta, GA, USA

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the temporal development of diverse plantation landscapes.
  • Compare and contrast key management strategies used to preserve and interpret dynamic cultural landscapes.
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities of integrating the visiting public into sensitive cultural landscapes.
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