APT Kansas City 2015 - November 1-5 - The Brass on Baltimore

Bricks and Bytes:

Technology and Tools for the Digital Age of Preservation

In our digital age, the tools we use are in flux – shifting from the traditional paper and pencil to the tablet and stylus – and sometimes just the finger and touchscreen.  As a unique offering this year, APT is hosting an interactive Technology and Tools session featuring APT’s On-line Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource (OSCAR), NCPTT’s Rapid Building and Site Condition Assessment (RBSCA), and NCPTT’s National Building Stone Database.  Participants wishing to follow along for a guided introduction in these systems may bring an internet-capable laptop, and experienced users are encouraged to come prepared with specific questions for discussion.

When: Wednesday, November 4
Time: 1:00–4:30pm
Location: Brass on Baltimore


Post-Disaster Building Assessments

National Building Stone Database

Benefactors & Above






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