Preservation Engineering

The APT Preservation Engineering Technical Committee was created in 2003 to provide focus for discussing issues relating to engineering and historic preservation.

The committee's critical tasks are to

  • establish itself as a leader for promoting the role of engineering in the field of historic preservation
  • establish a forum for discussion of issues relating to engineering in the field of historic preservation
  • encourage active and continuous education for professionals from many disciplines who seek a better understanding of historic-preservation engineering techniques and philosophy
  • identify areas of knowledge and practice where further study and/or research is required to establish parameters of practice
  • establish a process and repository for the documentation, collection, and dissemination of information related to the practice of historic-preservation engineering
  • establish a program of generating and publishing consensus standards for treatment of historic engineering systems
  • identify and undertake initiatives to advance the role of the preservation engineer and an understanding of the importance of preservation engineering

Membership is open to all current members of APT with an interest in engineering and the history of building technology who are willing to make regular and substantial contribution to the mission of the committee. The committee meets during the APT annual conference.

Timothy Crowe, Technical Committe on Preservation Engineering Co-chair

John Dam, Technical Committee on Preservation Engineering Co-Chair

John Dumsick, Technical Committe on Preservation Engineering Co-chair

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