Conferences Keynote

and IPTW-APT Post-Keynote Social

Monday, October 1
Conferences Keynote
Time: 6:00–7:00
Registration Fee: Free
Dress Code: Casual
Location: College of Charleston's Sottile Theater

APT is proud to welcome Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. as our featured speaker, thanks to a generous sponsorship by The Christman Company.

Many people have been responsible for the success of Charleston, but no one as much as the man now running for his tenth four-year term as mayor—a recipient of the Thomas Jefferson award from the AIA for excellence in public architecture, an honorary member of the American Institute of Landscape Architects. The American Architectural Foundation and the U. S. Conference of Mayors in February 2010 created The Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Award for Leadership in City Design in his honor. It will be a huge treat to kick off the evening with this inspirational Southern gentleman.


Monday, October 1
IPTW-APT Post-Keynote Social
Time: 7:00–9:00
Registration Fee: $45 for APT registrants
Dress Code: Casual
Location: College of Charleston's Cistern Yard

APT and PTN will celebrate their unique collaboration at this year's Post-Keynote Social. According to the College of Charleston, the Cistern Yard (with its raised, oval Cistern) is the literal and figurative center of campus: "students pass through the arch at Porter's Lodge on their first day and enter the Cistern yard to officially sign 'the book.' Inscribed in Greek on the arch are the words 'Know Thyself.' Upon graduation in the spring, students exit the Cistern yard by passing underneath the same arch and out into the world."

Many notable speakers and artists have enthralled audiences at the Cistern Yard,  which has been in use since around 1790, including a January 2012 rally featuring Stephen Colbert (a Charleston native) stumping lightheartedly for Herbert Cain.

Join us for an unforgettable evening in this beautiful, historic setting.

Read about The Cistern Yard's multi-million-dollar facelift which is just wrapping up.

Mayor photo credit: Brownie Harris
Sottile photo credit: John Bald
Cistern photo credit: Moonlighting Landscape Lighting Systems

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