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Executive Committee

Chaired by the president, the Executive Committee consists of elected officers and other members appointed by the president; APT's administrative director is an ex-officio member of the committee. 

The committee meets monthly by teleconference to assess the organization's progress on strategic objectives, review upcoming program plans, and carry out other APT business in between the semi-annual board meetings. Other APT committees report to the Executive Committee on a monthly basis by email or fax. 

Kitty Vieth, President
Gina Crevello, Vice President
Natalie Feinberg-Lopez, Vice President
James Shepherd, Treasurer
Dean Koga, Past President
Paul Kuenstner,  Executive Director

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Chapters Committee

APT has active chapters in many regions. Chapters play a critical part in carrying out APT's mission to advance the application of technology to the conservation of the built environment. Chapters also provide local preservationists opportunities to interact with other professionals in the field through chapter-sponsored social gatherings, tours, and seminars on topics of regional interest. 

The Chapters Committee, which meets bi-monthly via conference calls and at the semi-annual Board meetings, facilitates communications between the chapters and APT. The Committee participates in Membership Committee meetings. 

Liaisons from the chapters include: James Reid (Alberta), William Hockey (Atlantic Canada), Donald Ellsmore (Australia), Sarah Holder (Central Plains), Ali Seraphin (Delaware Valley), Paul Darling (Eastern Great Lakes), Barbara Shideler (Hawaii), Claudia Rodriguez Espinosa (Latin America), Chris Dabek (Northeast), Brian Rich (Northwest), Scott Drake (Ohio Valley), Susan Ross (Ottawa/Outaouais), Émile Gilbert/Myriam St-Denis (Québec), Kristen Craig (Rocky Mountain), Trish Smith (Southeast), Doris Eichburg (Texas), Katie Hummelt (Washington, D.C.), Payal Vora (Western), Jamie Clapper Morris (Western Great Lakes). 

Our primary objectives include the initiation of additional chapters and the creation of stronger student involvement in the chapters. 

Lena Buchinger, Chapters Committee Co-Chair
Claudia Rodriquez, Chapters Committee Co-Chair
Greta Wilhelm, Chapters Committee Co-Chair

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Conferences Committee

The APT Conferences Committee is charged with identifying venues and supporting each Local Conference Committee (LCC) for APT's Annual Conference. The APT Conferences Committee typically schedules each Annual Conference three years in advance by identifying a LCC Chair and destination. The city and host venue are selected two years in advance. 

The APT Conferences Committee provides general oversight to ensure that each conference maintains a high level of quality while providing an ample supply of local flavor. 

The APT Conferences Committee also monitors APT participation in and support of other APT-sponsored conferences that might be scheduled throughout the year. 

Jill Gotthelf, Conferences Committee Co-Chair
Lyles McBratney, Conferences Committee Co-Chair

Past Local Conference Committee Chairs:

APT Buffalo Niagara 2018 Barbara Campagna
APT Ottawa 2017 Mark Brandt
APT San Antonio 2016 Sue Ann Pemberton
APT Kansas City 2015 Lurita McIntosh Blank
APT Québec City 2014 François Dufaux and Émile Gilbert
APT New York City 2013 Ed Meade and Mary Jablonski
APT Charleston 2012 Craig Bennet and Simeon Warren
APT Victoria 2011 Loren Simpson
APT Denver 2010 Melanie Short and Natalie Feinberg Lopez
APT Los Angeles 2009 John Lesak
APT Montréal 2008 Rosanne Dubé
APT San Juan 2007 Tobin Tracey and Kent Diebolt
APT Atlanta 2006 Brian Scott Robinson
APT Halifax 2005 Bill Hockey
APT Galveston 2004 David G. Woodcock
APT Portland (ME) 2003 Tobin Tracey
APT Toronto 2002 Melissa Gordon
APT Monterey 2001 David Wessel

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Development Committee

The Development Committee oversees APT’s fundraising efforts to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach.  The fundraising efforts are focused on national sponsorships for the annual conference and funding for the student scholarship program.

Gina Crevello, Development Committee Co-Chair
Art Femenella, Development Committee Co-Chair

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Membership Committee

James Banta, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Kristen Craig, Membership Committee Co-Chair

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President after each annual general meeting. The committee is composed of two members from the general APT membership and one member of the Board of Directors, who serves as the chair. The Nominating Committee advises the Board on all matters relating to the composition of the Board and recommends members to serve on the Board as officers. This committee also oversees elections. 

Dean Koga, Nominating Committee Chair 

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Partnerships and Outreach Committee

The Partnerships and Outreach Committee looks for initiatives in the preservation crafts, industries, and professions to foster a global preservation community. The current focus of the committee is on Latin America and trade-based preservation/ conservation organizations.  The Committee works to build new liaison relationships with other preservation-related organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects Historic Resources Committee; American Institute for Conservation's Architectural Specialty Group; DOCOMOMO's United States Committee; National Center for Preservation Technology and Training; Preservation Trades Network; Restore Media; and US/ICOMOS.

Caterina Giovaninni, Partnerships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner, Partnerships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Taryn Williams, Partnerships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair

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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for overseeing APT's goal of publishing and delivering high-quality publications, including the APT Bulletin, the Communiqué, social media, and the APT website. The Publications Committee also oversees APT's publication-related awards. 

Christina Radu, Publications Committee Co-Chair
Justin Spivey, Publications Committee Co-Chair

APT Bulletin: The Journal of Preservation Technology

The APT Bulletin provides state-of-the-art technical information in the field of historic preservation and showcases articles that address cutting-edge preservation techniques, as well as innovative applications of established restoration technologies. Articles include case studies demonstrating best practices, exemplary craftsmanship, international debates on preservation philosophy, and histories of building materials, technologies, and systems. The APT Bulletin also addresses emerging issues and trends, such as preservation engineering and the integration of sustainability and historic preservation. The APT Bulletin also publishes book reviews. First issued in 1969, the APT Bulletin is peer-reviewed and produced three times per year.

Diana S. Waite, Editor, APT Bulletin


APT's newsletter, the Communiqué, publishes more time-sensitive material. It offers APT members a point of exchange for preservation information, where they can present their news and awards, share their project experiences with colleagues, post calls for papers, and submit preservation queries to the readership. Employers can recruit potential candidates by advertising positions to APT's network of qualified preservation specialists. 

Diana S. Waite, Editor, Communiqué 

APT Website

The APT website provides the latest information on upcoming conferences, contact information for all committees and chapters, a full index of the APT Bulletin, and select information available only to members. 

APT Social Media

APT's social media presence includes a Facebook page, LinkedIn group, Pinterest board, and a Twitter handle for each annual conference.

Margaret Smith, Social Media Editor

Publication Awards

The Publications Committee coordinates the efforts of volunteer juries for APT's publications-related awards. These awards include the Oliver Torrey Fuller Award, the Anne de Fort-Menares Award, Martin E. Weaver Award, and the Lee Nelson Book Award

Cristina Radu, Publication Awards Jury Captain

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Student Scholarships and Outreach Committee

The Student Scholarships Committee oversees the granting of scholarships to students who have submitted outstanding abstracts for presentation at APT's annual conference. 

Elaine Shapiro, Student Scholarships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Christina Wallace, Student Scholarships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair

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Training and Education Committee

Training Programs for Annual Conference Subcommittee 

This subcommittee works with local conference committees and the APT Conferences Committee to develop training programs for the annual conferences and with chapters and others to identify, develop, and disseminate high-quality content programs. The subcommittee also investigates alternative delivery systems, cooperates with other groups, and recommends action to the APT Board.

Stefan Cieslik, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair
Erin Fisher, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair

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