• The Premier Preservation Technology Conference
    The Premier Preservation Technology Conference in the Nation's First City of Historic Preservation
  • Join the Modern Dialogue about Preserving History
    Join the Modern Dialogue about Preserving History Charleston's Tradition Sets the Stage
  • A Convergence of Theory, Practice, and Interaction
    A Convergence of Theory, Practice, and Interaction with Our Colleagues in the Trades

Cornerstones: Collaborative Approaches to Preservation

You won't want to miss APT Charleston 2012! This year's Conference will offer remarkable opportunities to enjoy Charleston's architectural character and urbane Southern culture while exploring crucial collaborations among preservationists, architects, engineers, and building-trades professionals.

Update as of August 17, 2012: The Francis Marion still has some nights left, especially if you are traveling just for a workshop, and we've also added rooms at the Embassy Suites Charleston - Historic Charleston. For more details, head to the Hotel page.

The nation's first historic district was born in Charleston in 1931, predating the federal government's by thirty years. Charleston's impressive list of preservation firsts include using zoning as a preservation tool, publishing an inventory of historic architecture, the Historic Charleston Foundation's use of revolving funds to focus on the rehabilitation of entire neighborhoods, and establishing the first four-year college devoted to the traditional building trades (the American College of the Building Arts).

With 100 years of experience in developing the tools of practice and civic engagement to sustain urban vitality through preservation, Charleston is a living laboratory and tangible embodiment of this year's theme, "Cornerstones: Collaborative Approaches to Preservation."

With APT and the Preservation Trades Network (PTN) coming together this year for parallel conferences, there will be an unprecedented convergence of theory, practice, and interaction with trades practitioners. PTN's 16th annual International Preservation Trades Workshop (IPTW) will showcase the work of some of the most skilled traditional tradespeople from the U.S. and abroad, in highly interactive hands-on demonstrations. The demonstrations will provide added context and practical applications for the papers delivered in the APT sessions.

We look forward to seeing you in the Lowcountry, September 30-October 4.



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