Special Events

 Special events require advance registration.  Click here to register!

Pre-Conference Event:  Tee Time at the Historic Brackenridge Golf Course
Date/Time:  Sunday, October 30
Location:     Historic Brackenridge Park Gold Course

Built in 1916, the historic Brackenridge Golf Course is the oldest public golf course in Texas. The course is the original home of the first Texas Open (now called The Valero Texas Open), and is the 6th oldest professional tournament in golf world-wide, the 3rd oldest on the PGA Tour. From the event's inception until 1940 it was played at Brackenridge Park Golf Course and was still played sporadically until 1959. Come play history at Brackenridge, the first inductee into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, and relive the victories of Byron Nelson (1940), Sam Snead (1950), Jack Burke, Jr. (1952), and Mike Souchak (1955).  Organize your own team or team up with new friends!

Phone Number: 210-226-2512

Green Fees:

 Cart Fees:

 Food & Beverage available:
           Selection of Grab-and-Go snacks available for purchase

 Club rental is available for both right and left handed players upon check-in.

 Please note there is no driving range. 

*For groups of 8 or more, please contact Vanessa Olmo.

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SE1 Welcome Reception
Date/Time:  Sunday, October 30 - 6pm – 7pm
Location:     La Vista Ballroom
Fee:            included with full conference registration
Capacity:     450
Dress Code: Business Casual

Come network with fellow APTers and enjoy light appetizers and a cash bar.  At the conclusion of the Welcome Reception, all guests will head to the Opening Keynote session.


KS1 Opening Keynote with Lewis F. Fisher
Welcome by APT President, Dean Koga
Date/Time:  Sunday, October 30 7:15pm-7:45pm
Location:     Hilton Palacio del Rio Salon del Rey
Fee:            included with full conference registration fee
CEUs:          1.0
Capacity:     500
Dress Code: Business Casual

This year's keynote speech will feature images of San Antonio documenting the preservation of this unusual city and the pervasive ambience of its colorful, authentic past. In 1883 the Alamo became the first historic landmark west of the Mississippi purchased and preserved with public funds. The Alamo and four other mission complexes dating from Spanish times are a World Heritage Site. The River Walk, now fifteen miles in length, is one of the wold’s most noted urban linear parks. Also featured in the talk will be some of the triumphs and tragedies of historic preservation in San Antonio. 

Lewis F. Fisher is an author and historian who has written numerous books on San Antonio. His landmark Saving San Antonio: The Precarious Preservation of a Heritage, which came out in 1996, has just been updated in a second edition. Other books include American Venice: The Epic Story of San Antonio’s River, San Antonio: Outpost of Empires, The Spanish Missions of San Antonio and Chili Queens, Hay Wagons and Fandangos: The Spanish Plazas in Frontier San Antonio. Mr. Fisher has received numerous local, state and national writing awards, and in 2014 was named by the San Antonio Conservation Society as a Texas Preservation Hero.


Educators at APT Networking Event

Date/Time:        Sunday, October 30 – 9pm-11pm
Location:           Liberty Bar, King William District
Fee:                  No ticket required - pay your own way
Capacity:           150
Dress Code:       Casual

Educators at APT: Come connect with other educators who are attending the APT conference at this informal gathering following the Keynote speaker on Sunday night.  Open house format, so come by whenever and stay as long as you please.  The aim is to create an opportunity for conference participants engaged in education to network, visit with old friends and share ideas about ongoing research and teaching with colleagues. 


Latin American Chapter Roundtable:  Preservation Technologies Applied to Earthen Architecture. The Latin American Experience
Date/Time:        Monday, October 31 – 1pm-3pm
Location:           Hilton Palacio del Rio El Mirador BC West
Fee:                   Included with conference registration fee
CEUs:                2.0
Capacity:           100
Dress Code:       Casual

Building with earth has been a constant practice in almost every Latin American culture. The experience obtained from hundreds of generations has become a very important part of the cultural heritage of all our countries. Some of the most valuable ancient buildings were made with earth. Developing specific techniques to preserve this cultural heritage located in very different geographic areas (desert, rainforest, lake shores, etc.) requires unique and specific interventions. This session will present different answers to unique cases of interventions in Brazil, México, and Colombia, among other countries.

Speakers:  Beatriz Garzón (Argentina), Paulo Montoro (Brazil), Andrés Gaviria (Colombia), Danae Peguero (Dominican Republic), Rafael Saucedo (México)



SE2 Exhibit Gala
Date/Time:    Monday, October 31 - 5pm-9pm
Location:       Hilton Palacio del Rio Salon del Rey
Fee:               included with full conference registration fee
Capacity:       400
Dress Code:   Business Casual

Network with over 35 exhibitors/industry professionals at a leisurely pace while enjoying delicious and plentiful San Antonio fare! The Exhibit Gala is a festive event that gives you and exhibitors an opportunity to connect without any other competing programming. Make contact with key decision makers, create a larger network of industry professionals and collaborate on your next project!


Chapters Mixer
Date/Time:        Monday, October 31 – 9pm-11pm
Location:           Garden Terrace
Fee:                  No ticket required
Capacity:           150
Dress Code:       Casual

Join APT Chapter members for an evening of great food and cocktails immediately following the Exhibit Gala!  As a special treat, John Canning & Company will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary at the event!  Come join the festivities, socialize with conference participants, make new friends, or catch-up with colleagues. Chapter membership is not required, but we hope you will sign up for one before you return home!  Sponsored in-part by John Canning & Company.


SE3 Breakfast with Exhibitors & Exhibit Hall
Date/Time:   Tuesday, November 1 8am-12:15pm
Location:      Hilton Palacio del Rio Salon del Rey & Prefunction
Fee:             included with full conference registration
Capacity:      400
Dress Code:  Business Casual

Grab a cup coffee, follow up on your conversations with exhibitors, and get your day started right!  Join us for a great continental breakfast from 8am-9:30am before attending educational sessions.  As an added bonus, the Exhibit Hall will remain open on this day until 12:15pm! 



SE4 APT Preview Lunch and Student Scholar Recognition 
Date/Time:   Tuesday, November 1, 11:25–12:10 pm
Location:      Hilton Palacio del Rio Pavilion - 2nd floor
Fee:             $30
Capacity:      160
Dress Code:  Business Casual 
Be one of the first to get a preview of what's in store for APT Ottawa 2017! We will also have the pleasure of meeting our 2016 Student Scholars, their mentors and school advisors. The APT Annual General Meeting will follow immediately.  


APT Annual General Meeting 
Date/Time:   Tuesday, November 1, 12:15-1:00pm
Location:      Hilton Palacio del Rio Pavilion - 1st floor
Capacity:      160
Dress Code:  Business Casual 


SE5 APT Awards Dinner Banquet
Date/Time:    Tuesday, November 1, 7:00pm –10:30 pm
Location:       Salon del Rey, Hilton Palacio del Rio
Fee:              $85
Capacity:       300
Dress Code:  Cocktail attire
Join us for a festive, celebratory dinner as we recognize the achievements of colleagues who made significant contributions to the association and the industry in the past year. Fee includes one cocktail, dinner, dessert, and entertainment.  Cash bar available.  


SE6 Chapters Breakfast 
Date/Time:     Wednesday, November 2, 7:30-8:15 am
Location:        Salon AB, Hilton Palacio del Rio
Fee:               $25
Dress Code:    Business Casual  

Start your day with a great breakfast and a great view! Expand your network, meet new members and learn why participating in an APT Chapter is fun and educational. 


SE9 HABS / Charles E. Peterson Awards 
Date/Time:  Wednesday, November 2, 6:05–6:30 pm
Location:     La Vista, Hilton Palacio del Rio
Fee:            included with full conference registration fee
CEUs:          1.0
Capacity:     500
Dress Code: Business Casual



KS2 College of Fellows Lecture and Introduction:
"Preserving Heritage with Tomorrow's Technologies:  Trials, Errors, and Criteria for Choosing Future Technologies"

Date/Time:  Wednesday, November 2, 6:35–7:50 pm
Location:     La Vista, Hilton Palacio del Rio
Fee:            included with full conference registration fee
CEUs:          1.0
Capacity:     500
Dress Code: Business Casual

This year's Keynote Speakers, Camilla Mileto and Fernando Vegas, are architects and professors at the Universitat Politècnica of València (Spain), where they teach architectural conservation both in graduate and postgraduate courses. They have been guest lecturers in the universities of Venice and Palermo (Italy), Cordoba (Argentina) and the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA). They are directors of the journal Loggia and have extensively published on architectural conservation. They have received several international awards for their research, projects and built work on architectural conservation. They have made several studies, projects and interventions for the preservation of the Alhambra of Grenade, among other monuments in Spain. 

Preserving Heritage with Tomorrow's Technologies:  Trials, Errors, and Criteria for Choosing Future Technologies

Article 5 of the Athens Charter for the Restoration of Historic Monuments of 1931 was the first international document to approve the use of modern technological resources in the restoration of monuments, while Article 6 encouraged physicists, chemists, and natural scientists to collaborate in executing this task. Since then, the new tools, technologies, and materials breaking into the market have often been incorporated in heritage preservation. These technological contributions can be divided into two major groups: those linked to investigation in heritage and those connected with preservation works.

Over time, technology linked to investigation in heritage has been perfected to produce less and less invasive non-destructive techniques, and in recent years research in this field has brought about progress previously undreamt of. It is therefore essential when preserving to be aware of the need to respect the original materials of the building as much as possible in order to avoid eliminating any keys or imprints which could provide further information for technologies on the building in the future.

Technology connected to preservation work has also evolved significantly towards increasingly improved solutions, although its history provides many examples of trial and error, which in the past have had disastrous results for buildings. A clear example of this is the specific recommendation to use reinforced concrete technology in monument preservation, also included in Chapter 5 of the Athens Charter. This bold statement was a reference far too limited to a specific material whose negative impact on ancient constructions has now long been cause for regret.

This lecture will show a wide range of this technology, once considered the technology of the future, applied in the past to architectural heritage, with both positive and negative results, from concrete, chemical hardeners, resins, treatments against xylophagous insects, to new generation fibres, etc. Modern materials and technology are often acritically demonised in restoration, while the use of traditional materials and techniques is considered perfectly innocuous and suitable. The problem is not so much using one technology or another, as using both appropriately.

New technologies arising from contemporary research increasingly seek compatible and sustainable materials, ushering in an era of increased sensitivity and attention to the field of preservation. These different options with their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in the lecture, dispelling the myth of automatically assuming that everything new is bad or good, in order to establish a balance between traditional and modern techniques in preservation as a proposition that is necessarily open, cautious, and reasoned.


Date/Time:  Wednesday, November 2, 8:00–10:30 pm
Location:     La Villita - Maverick Plaza
Fee:            $75
Capacity:     250
Dress Code: Casual

In 1937, the San Antonio Conservation Society planned a one-day Native American Festival to celebrate the heritage of the city’s early settlers while raising funds for historic preservation, called "Night in Old San Antonio, or NIOSA. What began as a handful of Society ladies serving food and drink from river barges, has grown into the top fundraiser for historic preservation in the nation and truly lives up to its motto as a “Celebration for Preservation.”  The NIOSITA event will bring the flavor and feel of the larger festival to APT attendees.  Come join us and experience the flavors and cultures that have shaped the past, present and future of San Antonio! *Food and beverages for the evening are included in the fee.


Date/Time:  Tues, 11/1 - official build starts
                  Wed, 11/2 -  1:00pm testing
                                     3:00pm team presentations
Location:     Hilton Palacio del Rio - La Corona

As part of this year's conference we will be launching the inaugural APT Preservation Engineering Design Build Student Competition Finals!  This multi-disciplinary event will showcase teams competing to erect an ‘historic’ wood bridge they have designed on site.  Once constructed these bridges will be tested publicly.  The last portion of the finals will see the teams assigned a preservation-based problem that encourages them to make use of the unique tools and information at their disposal.  This competition encourages conferences attendees to stop by and chat with teams throughout the process.   So drop by, ask some questions, provide your advice, and meet some of your future colleagues!