2018 Call for Nominations for the APT Board

Published Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The APT Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the APT Board of Directors including (1 ) Treasurer and ( 6 ) Director positions.
The Nominating Committee will be chaired by Dean Koga, Immediate APT Past President, and includes two additional APT members. It is a goal of the committee that the board continue to reflect the balance of preservation and conservation disciplines and the geographic diversity that makes APT such a rich and productive organization.

Nominations must be supported by a petition of six (6) members in good standing in accordance with APT's bylaws. The petition may be in the form of an email stating support, directed to APT Administration at: administration@apti.org.

Each nomination should include contact information, a biography (not to exceed 150 words), and a brief statement of interest from the nominee (not to exceed 100 words). The nomination must be submitted as a Word document file or PDF file to the email listed below.  The slate of nominees will be sent to the general membership for online voting beginning July 25, 2018.  Successful nominees will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in Buffalo, on September 24, 2018.

The APT Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who serve as trustees, acting on behalf of the APT membership. As a group, APT Directors are responsible for the fulfillment of the organization's mission by developing and evaluating a strategic plan, oversight and ongoing evaluation of the plan, and providing oversight of the organization's activities. In addition, they bear fiduciary responsibility for the finances of the organization. Individual directors may serve as committee chairs or members, and are encouraged to act as ambassadors for APT and engage members in the work of the organization.  Directors are also required to assist in the fundraising requirements of the organization through direct giving, participation in fundraising activities (such as the Student Scholarship Auction, Annual Conference Sponsorship and the Endowment Campaign) or grant writing.

The APT Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for openings on the APT Board of Directors and one officer position. The board is comprised of a maximum of 22 members - up to 16 elected to two-year terms and up to six appointed by the President to one-year terms.  Positions open for election this year include the following:

One Officer Position:  Treasurer
Six General Board (Director) Positions
The Treasurer is an Officer of APT and a member of the Executive Committee. Directors elected to serve as Officers (President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer) must have served at least one year as an elected board member during the past 5 years. Officers provide leadership and coordination for the work of the board between regular board meetings. The Treasurer develops and oversees the annual budget in conjunction with the Executive Director, and monitors the monthly working budget based on information from the Executive Director. The Treasurer is one of the legal signatories of the organization and is responsible for overseeing the financial transactions of the organization that are performed by the Administrative Director.

An APT Director must be a current member of APT at the time of nomination or appointment.  APT Directors are elected for a two-year term, and may stand for re-election for a second term. The board meets four times a year:  face-to-face twice a year; once at the Annual Conference and again in the spring; and twice by teleconference.  

A Board member may miss no more than 50% of the board meetings per calendar year.  In that event the member would be asked to step down from the Board.

Board members also typically serve as a committee chair or co-chair and are required to lead those committees and report back to the Board on their progress.

APT Officers and Directors travel at their own expense and pay for their own meals and accommodations. The rewards, however, are substantial.  APT Directors make a significant contribution to the only international organization committed solely to preservation technology. In addition, many of the friendships formed through board and committee work last a lifetime.

Nominations should be sent to:   APT Administration, Email: administration@apti.org  
Backup printed documents may be sent to the APT office but this is not required.  APT Nominating Committee Chair c/o APT, 3085 Stevenson Drive, Suite 200 Springfield, IL 62703 Fax: 217.529-9120.

Questions? E-mail Paul Kuenstner, Executive Director at: paulkuenstner@apti.org.
Nomination Deadline: June 25, 2018