Introduction to Early American Masonry

Harley McKee’s Classic Book on Historic Masonry

In 1973 esteemed preservation architect and educator Harley J. McKee published Introduction to Early American Masonry, which immediately became an indispensable pillar of preservation practice. APT announces the publication of a second edition, which faithfully reproduces the original text and images, supplemented with an expanded index and a new foreword by John G. Waite. Order your copy now for $34.50.
Filled with scores of photographs and McKee's own sketches, along with accounts from primary sources and personal observations, the book is just as useful to preservation practitioners and students today as when it was first issued. It thoroughly covers all aspects of masonry materials and practices, including sources of building stone, quarrying methods, working and finishing stone, brickmaking, brick shapes and sizes, terra cotta, stucco, and plaster. McKee also explains causes of masonry deterioration and describes all types of cements and mortars for building masonry walls and repointing them. This book was the first to document the history and technology of masonry building materials for a preservation audience. It contains a wealth of information still not found elsewhere in a compact and concise format.
Harley J. McKee, an architect who helped to define the field of preservation during its formative years, served as APT's second president. APT is honored to make this essential volume, long out of print, available once again.

Purchase today for $34.50