The Officers, Directors and management of APT sincerely hope that all members are weathering this pandemic storm and staying safe.  We are working hard to advance our mission and protect APT in this difficult economy.  It is important in these troubling times to view difficulty as opportunity, to extend our hand to assist our fellow colleagues, to better our financial standing and thereby, better our ability to assist others. 

We have been given a tremendous opportunity to do both!

An extremely generous donor has stepped forward and committed $20,000, yes, twenty thousand dollars, as matching funds to APT as a challenge.  The challenge is this: just as this donor is extending a hand to us, the donor is looking for us to extend our generous hands to bring others aboard. Here is the nitty-gritty.

First, we help our organization.  We are reaching out to all current members to accelerate renewing membership for the coming year now.  This will increase our current capital, send a message that we care about APT, and encourage those more able to assist us now.

Second, we help a colleague. We all know someone who has lost a job, is looking for a new opportunity, who could use someone caring about them… so, we are asking all renewing members to dig deep and extend a hand and a membership to a colleague, one who is not currently a member but would make a great one. This will increase our capital while growing the organization.  This is how we will achieve our goals.

  • Sign on through the “Members Login”, view "My Profile" page and select the "Renew" button.  This will bring you to the area where you can renew your membership.
  • Click here to complete a form for you to identify the colleague, indicate the membership level you are sponsoring, indicate that you will take financial responsibility for one year of the membership and indicate whether you want the sponsorship to be anonymous. We will reach out to share the exciting news with the colleague and ask them to complete a new member form.  
  • These are the types of membership that we are offering for this Challenge Grant: Full, Emerging Professional, Student and Retired.  If you know anyone who would be a good fit for APT and would benefit by joining us, please, extend that generous hand and welcome them aboard.  Beyond the positive feelings, this will be 100% deductible for the IRS and APT will provide the documentation you will need. 

Third, the donor has committed to a dollar-for-dollar fund of $20,000, matching the money donated by APT members for these new memberships as donations are made.  This is an amazing opportunity!  This is the great news folks.  We have the clear opportunity to increase our membership by more than 100 new members, increase our operating funds by $40,000 ($20,000 in new memberships + $20,000 in matching funds) and lend a helping hand to those who could surely use it.  We must step up to GIVE TO AND GROW APT!

Thank you,

Art Femenella, Co-Chair
Kyle Normandin, Co-Chair
Bob Score, Co-Chair
APT Development Committee