APT Building Technology Heritage Library

APT is pleased to announce that important out-of-print materials on historic building technology and construction are now available free of charge on the APT Web site. This new digital archive will greatly expand the availability of rare and hard-to-find materials related to the construction and finishes of historic structures and become a valuable research tool for design professionals, building conservators, and preservationists.

The content of the APT Digital Archive of Building Technology draws from out-of-print trade catalogs and other publications in both public institutions and private collections. More historic materials will be added to the archive regularly. All material will be copyright-free, so readers can download and print the documents.

The archive will showcase building materials that were widely used in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by all segments of the construction industry. Included will be technical manuals from building-trade associations and trade catalogs for products that once enjoyed wide-spread use.

A sampling of the catalogs are now on the site. Please note that they are large files and will take considerable time to download. They also require Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later.

As a part of this project, a guide to collections of architectural building trade catalogs in a dozen collections in North America has been assembled to facilitate searches for other sources of the catalogs.