2009 APT Student Scholarship Winners

Serra Akboy
Texas A&M University, College of Architecture
A Comparative Study for the Determination of Deformation Behaviors of Building Materials of Modern Architecture by the Utilization of 3D Laser Scanner and Photo Shadow Moiré Technique

Meagan Baco
Clemson University and College of Charleston
One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversions as a Preservation and Downtown Revitalization Tool: The Case Study of Upper King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

Alenya Becker
Columbia University
Frank Lloyd Wright's Experimentations in Stucco

Emily Freeman
University of Texas at Austin
A Tarnished Icon: Corrosion on Paul Cret's Tower at the University at Texas

Meredith Keller
University of Pennsylvania
The Early Phrygian Gate at Gordion, Turkey: An Investigation of Dry Stone Masonry in Seismic Regions and Recommendations for Stabilization

Alex Lim
University of Pennsylvania
Soft Capping: Bringing Sustainability to Masonry Ruins

Lindsay McCook
Columbia University
Modernism in New Orleans: The Architecture of Albert Ledner

Tara Rasheed
Columbia University
Development of Steel Cable Tensile Structures in the Post War Period

Susannah Ribstein
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Caves for Men: The Preservation of Brutalist Interiors

Thomas Rinaldi
Columbia University
Can it Float? Preserving Modern Merchant Ships

Jennifer Schork
Columbia University
New Insights Into Dolomitic Lime Mortar

Caitlin Smith
University of Pennsylvania, School of Design
Cleaning Methods for the Removal of Limewash from Painted Plaster Surfaces: Utilizing Ion Exchange Resins on the Interior Architectural Finishes of the Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Iglesia San José in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Noel Weidner
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Martin Weaver Student Scholar

Lindsay McCook was chosen from among the 13 APT Student Scholarship finalists as the Martin Weaver Student Scholar. The scholarship is not visualized as a prize for past accomplishments, but rather to support innovative and current research in the field of Historic Preservation. The grant is intended to promote the continued advancement of research and a career in historic preservation in the early stages of a young professional. Ms. McCook will use her scholarship to research Albert Ledner buildings in and around the New Orleans area.