Why Give to APT?

For over 50 years APT has been a leader in providing expert technical content, training, and a forum for the diverse range of professionals who care for historic places throughout the world. With members in over 30 countries, 21 independent chapters across the globe, and partnerships with many national and international organizations, APT International leads the field.

APT relies on your donations to meet our mission and run programs to support preservation practitioners, enhance the intellectual capacity of the field, and grow the community of people knowledgeable in the proper care of historic resources. The survival of historic places as they face challenges of natural deterioration, environment, disasters, and uninformed modifications depends on the expertise developed and curated by APT. The benefits of people engaging with their heritage relies on APT.

To do this work we need your help. If you believe in APT’s mission and programs, want to support more APT activities, or simply recognize the value of our preservation leadership, click below to help us expand our efforts.

You can support APT in many ways:


Be a part of APT’s daily work.
APT members and the preservation community more broadly have grown to expect APT to be available each day to provide and grow internationally-known preservation expertise. They come to us for a host of reasons such as training (online and in-person), online information, and our peer-reviewed journal APT Bulletin where we’ve published nearly 1,300 articles (that’s 10,700 pages) which have been read in 174 countries and at over 6,000 universities. Growing programs such as our Disaster Response Initiative and our preservation-focused STEAM education program while maintaining our existing work requires ongoing financial support.

APT Endowment

Ensure APT’s long-term success.
Donating to our endowment, where principal is held in reserve and earnings support our ongoing operations, enhances APT’s foundational work. The informative day-to-day communication and highly regarded publications business that our community has grown to expect from APT require significant funds to maintain, particularly in today’s economic environment.

Student Scholarship Program

Keep young people growing into our field.
Each year APT provides opportunities for students to present at our annual conference. Students selected receive full complimentary conference registration, travel expenses, and a three-year APT membership. Each student is paired with a mentor from the APT College of Fellows to guide the development of their presentation. Your donation fertilizes the crop of new preservation practitioners.

The Preservation Engineering Technical Committee (PETC) Student Design Competition

Engage college students with practical experiences.
One of the highlights of our annual conference, the Student Design-Build Competition is a hands-on challenge to students interested in historic buildings and structures. Student teams analyze an existing structure (typically a bridge or arch), then design their own. PETC evaluates designs then invites top teams to the APT annual conference for friendly competition of on-site building and testing of their structures alongside robust preservation-focused learning. Your donations support scholarships to the competition.

Fellowship in Memory of Dean Koga

Support APT’s international technical mission.
This new bi-annual prize in memory of past APT President Dean Koga will support the advancement and dissemination of technical knowledge outside APT, particularly with the international preservation community. For example, funds could support travel to present technical information abroad or to develop new technologies for dissemination, publication, or even video production.

Inclusion Advocacy Community Engagement Projects

Expand APT’s work to grow diversity in preservation.
Our Inclusion Advocacy Committee works on community-based projects to support and encourage equity and cultural diversity within APT and the broader preservation community; foster networking between different cultures and organizations; and implement outreach to underrepresented communities to collaboratively and fittingly preserve the built environment. Donations help us engage with local communities to support their preservation needs and expand the diversity of those in our field.

Annual Conference Sponsorship

Be a part of our much-anticipated annual gathering.
APT’s annual conference draws 500-600 preservation practitioners from around the world to share knowledge through traditional paper presentations, hands-on-workshops, roundtable discussions, and unique opportunities to engage with unique and active preservation projects in host cities. Sponsorship of the conference as a whole, of specific conference events and activities, or by exhibiting your preservation-focused expertise or products are among the best ways to publicly demonstrate your support of the field and to connect with active preservation practitioners. The annual conference is the place where professional networks are built.

OSCAR (Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource)

Help build a needed sustainability tool.
An initiative of APT’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, OSCAR is a growing online resource to explore, identify, and incorporate appropriate interventions to improve the carbon footprint of existing buildings. It’s an evolving tool that guides users through the process of designing sustainability improvements that are most appropriate for various types of buildings. Donations help continue to build our ability to support more carbon-friendly construction and restoration.


Join our Legacy Circle

Make a planned gift to APT which ensures APT’s long-term health.
Become a part of this select group of APT donors who have recognized the value APT has given them and their careers by taking advantage of one of the many planned giving options. Whether it’s naming APT as a beneficiary of your estate, donating securities or real estate whose appreciation presents tax challenges, or a host of other mechanisms, APT is happy to discuss special ways both donors and APT can benefit from planned giving. Learn more here.


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APT is a US-incorporated, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to support our work are tax-deductible.