College of Fellows

The College of Fellows fulfills a variety of salient functions within APT. Overall, the college advises the Board of Directors on issues regarding the advancement of philosophy and practice of preservation technology. Members of the College serve on committees or in other capacities, as needed. 

The College of Fellows honors those APT members who have provided valuable services to the preservation field and to APT. Each year at the APT annual conference the College of Fellows inducts up to six new members.

The College of Fellows Jury, which consists of five members, reviews the nominations and elects those for invitation to the fellowship.  The jury, a committee of the College of Fellows, includes three Fellows selected by the College, one member at Large, and one member of the Board of Directors selected by the APT President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

A special thank you to APT's 2003 College of Fellows member, François LeBlanc, for preparing a tribute to APT and NTC pioneers from Canada’s National Capital Region for the 2017 APT/NTC Joint Conference. 

2024 Call for Nominations 

College of Fellows Lecturers

College of Fellows Directory

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Welcome to the New 2023 Class of Fellows

Lesley Gilmore AIA FAPT - In Recognition of her selfless, hardworking & unflagging dedication to APT’s mission, with consistent and exemplary results; expansion of the profession into historically underserved territories, with enthusiasm, rugged determination & grace; devotion to the mentorship of emerging professionals; voracious appetite for knowledge, with a deep desire to share it as both a prodigious author and peer reviewer of innumerable articles for professional publication; engaging presentations on timely & provocative issues; never seeking the limelight, but eminently deserving of it.

Jeff Greene FAPT - In Recognition of his dedication to the advancement of traditional and innovative methods of investigating, conserving & restoring architectural arts; collaborative spirit in sharing knowledge through myriad engaging & enlightening programs, presentations & outreach; singular focus on ensuring the financial stability of APT, especially in seeding an initiative of legacy giving; service on the Board; sharing accolades; mentoring, teaching & encouraging emerging professionals in the field; and generous collegiality as a signal member and ambassador of this profession.