College of Fellows

The College of Fellows fulfills a variety of salient functions within APT. Overall, the college advises the Board of Directors on issues regarding the advancement of philosophy and practice of preservation technology. Members of the College serve on committees or in other capacities, as needed. 

The College of Fellows honors those APT members who have provided valuable services to the preservation field and to APT. Each year at the APT annual conference the College of Fellows inducts up to six new members.

The College of Fellows Jury, which consists of five members, reviews the nominations and elects those for invitation to the fellowship.  The jury, a committee of the College of Fellows, includes three Fellows selected by the College, one member at Large, and one member of the Board of Directors selected by the APT President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

A special thank you to APT's 2003 College of Fellows member, François LeBlanc, for preparing a tribute to APT and NTC pioneers from Canada’s National Capital Region for the 2017 APT/NTC Joint Conference. 

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 Welcome to the New 2021 Class of Fellows

Mark RabinowitzFor more than three decades, Mark Rabinowitz has made APT a primary resource and the center of what matters to him most in the field of preservation. Mark entered the field of preservation as an artist, having been trained in wood and stone carving and bronze casting, and at the same time working as a carpenter, plumber, painter, and electrician to subsidize his work as an artist. APT’s resources and training opportunities allowed him to combine his craft experience with the rigorous intellectual structure offered by APT that guides the scientific and technical approach to preservation that Mark applies in his work today.

Ever since Mark joined APT in 1995, he has been active in the national organization, as well as in the Northeast and DC Chapters. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including several issues of the APT Bulletin, and he has shared his knowledge and project work at many conferences. As an appointed member of the APT Board of Directors in 2008-2009, Mark served as co-chair of the Student Scholarship Program. Among his many accomplishments and awards, Mark was the 2010-2011 winner of the American Academy in Rome Mark Hampton Prize. He is also a long-standing member and a Fellow in the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

Mark gives back to the field by sharing his knowledge as a guest lecturer at many academic institutions and at specialized conferences on stone and metals. He has trained many conservation and historic preservation graduate students through the intern program he developed for the New York Central Park Conservancy. His work in materials conservation exhibits a commitment to training and mentorship that inspires and guides young professionals embarking on a career in preservation.


Mario Santana QuinteroMario Santana Quintero embodies the enthusiasm for documenting cultural heritage shared by many APT members and shares his knowledge collaboratively with both students and professionals on the global stage. Having worked in the field of digital documentation for the past three decades, Mario has developed the precision and knowledge that have put him in the forefront of multiple international organizations pursuing digital documentation of heritage sites. As an early adopter of the terrestrial laser scanner for cultural heritage digitization, his research was highly innovative and expanded the involvement of heritage professionals in this emerging sector of heritage conservation.

Originally from Venezuela where he studied architecture, Mario pursued advanced degrees in the conservation of historic towns and buildings, including a Ph.D. in the engineering of built heritage at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He continued his post-doctoral research in Belgium before joining the first heritage engineering program at Carleton University in Canada. In 2012, he established the formidable Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) to promote digital technologies. His students have traveled worldwide to hone their documentation skills and to collaborate with local heritage organizations.

Among his contributions to the mission of APT, Mario organized three workshops on documentation, developed the content into a traveling documentation workshop, and served as a contributor and guest co-editor for the 2017 APT Bulletin’s special issue on documentation. In 2020, Mario was elected to serve as Secretary-General of ICOMOS International based on his years of dedication to the conservation of cultural heritage, his outstanding international reputation, and his professional integrity. This appointment encourages further collaboration between APT, ICOMOS, and other organizations, such as UNESCO and ICCROM.

Thomas WhitmoreThomas R. Whitmore began his career in historic preservation twenty-five years ago. Trained as an architect at the University of Michigan, Tom transitioned from the design field to general contracting and construction management early in his career. During this time, he developed his professional expertise in preservation technology working on projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. His portfolio includes work on Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia Rotunda, multiple phases of restoration work at the Maryland Statehouse, and more than a decade of work at the Daughters of the Revolution Headquarters. He also managed the restoration of Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson-designed Capitol, and multiple Architect of the Capitol projects, including the US Capitol dome skirt, the Cannon House Office Building, and the Russell Senate Office Building.

Tom began his relationship with APT in 2006, joining the DC Chapter and becoming Chapter President in 2008. He continued his leadership in organizing several workshops for both APT and Preservation Trades Network (PTN) and serving as Fundraising Chair for the DC-hosted Annual Conference held virtually in 2021. Tom served on the APT Board of Directors from 2015-2017 and as APT Treasurer from 2016-2019 and on the APT Strategic Planning Task Force in 2015 and in 2020.

Tom participated in the 2015 APT partnership with Assorestauro, the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic and Urban Restoration, to increase cross-cultural understanding of the practice of preservation, as well as to promote business connections between countries in the preservation sector.