Standing Committees

The Association for Preservation Technology has 21 committees (including technical committees), which are responsible for developing APT's strategic plan and overseeing the execution of its activities. These committees, most of which are composed of members of the Board of Directors and other APT members, usually meet at the annual conference and at the semi-annual board meeting and communicate regularly between these meetings.

Committee chairs are appointed each year by the president, and all members serve on a volunteer basis. APT members who wish to find out more about a particular committee or participate in its activities are invited to contact the APT President outlining their interest.

Academics and Research

Bylaws, Policy and Ethics
Inclusion Advocacy
Partnerships and Outreach
Professional Recognition
Student Scholarships
Training and Education


Executive Committee

Chaired by the president, the Executive Committee consists of elected officers and other members appointed by the president; APT's administrative director is an ex-officio member of the committee. 

The committee meets monthly by teleconference to assess the organization's progress on strategic objectives, review upcoming program plans, and carry out other APT business in between the semi-annual board meetings. Other APT committees report to the Executive Committee on a monthly basis by email. 

Lena Buchinger, President
Taryn Williams, Past President, Chair Nominating Committee
Julia Manglitz, Vice President, Co-Chair Conferences Committee
Robert Hotes, Vice President, Co-Chair Partnerships & Outreach Committee
Lurita McIntosh Blank, Treasurer
Greg Galer, Executive Director

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Academics and Research Committee

The Academics and Research Committee was established in 2020 to build connections between APT and academic stakeholders at the student, faculty/researcher, and program levels; to encourage partnerships between academics and practitioners; to promote and advance the APT Research Agenda; and to unify APT’s approach to collaboration with academic stakeholders.

Lena Currie, Academics and Research Committee Chair
Michael Tomlan, Academics and Research Committee Chair
Renata Campiotto, Academics and Research Committee Chair

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Bylaws, Policy and Ethics Committee

The Bylaws, Policy and Ethics Committee advises the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to bylaws, policy and ethical conduct pertaining to the administration of the Association.  The committee reviews the bylaws and policies of the association on an annual basis and reports the results to the board of directors or the general membership.

John Diodati, Chair Bylaws, Policy and Ethics Committee

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Chapters Committee

APT has active chapters in many regions. Chapters play a critical part in carrying out APT's mission to advance the application of technology to the conservation of the built environment. Chapters also provide local preservationists opportunities to interact with other professionals in the field through chapter-sponsored social gatherings, tours, and seminars on topics of regional interest. 

The Chapters Committee, which meets bi-monthly via conference calls and at the semi-annual Board meetings, facilitates communications between the chapters and APT. The Committee participates in Membership Committee meetings. 

Liaisons from the chapters include: Jeanie Gartly (Alberta), Ken Smyth (Atlantic Canada), Donald Ellsmore (Australia), Alison Dunleavy (Central Plains), Casey Weisdock (Delaware Valley), Lindsay Jones (Eastern Great Lakes), Caterina Giovannini (Europe), Barbara Shideler (Hawaii), Marco Rezende (Latin America), Helena Currie (Northeast), Brian Rich (Northwest), Scott Drake (Ohio Valley), Susan Ross (Ottawa/Outaouais), Alexandre Savignet (Québec), Christine Britton (Rocky Mountain), Maanvi Chawla (South Asia), Trish Smith (Southeast), Izabella Nuckels (Texas), Ellen O'Brien (Washington, D.C.), Annie Lo (Western), Kelsey Shipton (Western Great Lakes). 

Our primary objectives include the initiation of additional chapters and the creation of stronger student involvement in the chapters. 

James Banta, Chapters Committee Co-Chair
Marco Rezende, Chapters Committee Co-Chair

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Conferences Committee

The APT Conferences Committee is charged with identifying venues and supporting each Local Conference Committee (LCC) for APT's Annual Conference. The APT Conferences Committee typically schedules each Annual Conference three years in advance by identifying a LCC Chair and destination. The city and host venue are selected two years in advance. 

The APT Conferences Committee provides general oversight to ensure that each conference maintains a high level of quality while providing an ample supply of local flavor. 

The APT Conferences Committee also monitors APT participation in and support of other APT-sponsored conferences that might be scheduled throughout the year. 

Julia Manglitz, Conferences Committee Co-Chair

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Development Committee

The Development Committee oversees APT’s fundraising efforts to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach.  The fundraising efforts are focused on national sponsorships for the annual conference and funding for the student scholarship program.

Jamie Morris, Development Committee Co-Chair
Kyle Normandin, Development Committee Co-Chair
Wesley Wilson, Development Committee Co-Chair

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Finance Committee

Lurita McIntosh Blank, Finance Committee Chair

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Inclusion Advocacy Committee

The Inclusion Advocacy Committee's purpose is to encourage equity and cultural diversity within APT and the broader preservation community; foster networking between different cultures and organizations; and implement outreach to underrepresented communities in effort to collaboratively and fittingly preserve the build environment.

Ronnie Cameron, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
Tiffani Simple, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
Melbourne Garber, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

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Membership Committee

APT welcomes membership by any individual, organization, or institution interested in the technologies of historic preservation. The APT Membership Committee works to both grow and retain members by communicating a clear value of investment proposition concerning membership benefits; strives to provide excellent member services, that are responsive to the needs of its members; and promotes continued development of benefits and services.

Emily Beauregard, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Germaine Joseph, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Sarah Migliore, Membership Committee Co-Chair

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President after each annual general meeting. The committee is composed of two members from the general APT membership and one member of the Board of Directors, who serves as the chair. The Nominating Committee advises the Board on all matters relating to the composition of the Board and recommends members to serve on the Board as officers. This committee also oversees elections. 

Taryn Williams, Nominating Committee Chair 

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Partnerships and Outreach Committee

The Partnerships & Outreach Committee develops and stewards partnerships with like-minded organizations to better preserve our built environment.  APT can share sound preservation technology practices more widely by collaborating with other organizations and institutions through mutually beneficial partnerships. The Partnerships & Outreach Committee also supports other APT committees in their partnerships with outside organizations.

Robert Hotes, Partnerships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner, Partnerships and Outreach Committee Co-Chair

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Professional Recognition

The Standing Committee on Professional Recognition develops requirements and reviews applications for the APT Professional Recognition Program.  Appointed by the APT President, the Committee is led by a chair from the College of Fellows and is composed of two members each from the College of Fellows, APT Board, and general membership. 

Lyles McBratney, Chair
Elaine Shapiro, Board Member
Emily Beauregard, Board Member
Caroline Alderson, COF Member
Kevin Daly, At-large
Stacey Keller, At-large

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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for overseeing APT's goal of publishing and delivering high-quality publications, including the APT Bulletin, the Communiqué, social media, videos and the APT website. The Publications Committee also oversees APT's publication-related awards. 

Cristina Ureche-Triffu, Publications Committee Co-Chair
Cristina Radu, Publications Committee Co-Chair
Lesley Gilmore, Publications Committee Co-Chair

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Student Scholarships Committee

The Student Scholarships Committee oversees the granting of scholarships to students who have submitted outstanding abstracts for presentation at APT's annual conference. 

Andreea Hamilton, Student Scholarships Committee Co-Chair
Elaine Shapiro, Student Scholarships Committee Co-Chair

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Training and Education Committee

The Training and Education Committee works with local conference committees and the APT Conferences Committee to develop training programs for the annual conferences and with chapters and others to identify, develop, and disseminate high-quality content programs. The subcommittee also investigates alternative delivery systems, cooperates with other groups, and recommends action to the APT Board.

Bryan Green, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair
Nikolas Marsall-Moritz, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair

More on Training and Education

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