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APT Job Board Posting Policy:

  • Please use the button below to submit a position for posting on the Job Board.
  • Positions will be posted within a week and remain on the Job Board for three months. Positions may be submitted for re-posting when expired. Submitters of positions that do not conform with APTI policy will be notified.
  • APTI is committed to equity, diversity and opportunity within the preservation community; in keeping with this commitment, we require that posting include salary or compensation information (a minimum or a range is acceptable).
  • Uncompensated internships or positions will not be accepted.
  • Posting fee schedule:
    • $95 / 3 months for APTI members
    • $190 / 3 months for non-members
    • $0 / 3 months for non-profits

Job Opportunities

Cultural Resources Program Manager
(Posted: 5/17/2022)

Senior Architectural and Sculpture Conservator/Project Manager
(Posted: 5/16/2022)

Architectural and Sculpture Conservator
(Posted: 5/16/2022)

Executive Director
(Posted: 5/12/2022)

Historical Architect
(Posted: 5/11/2022)

Preservation Architect / Project Manager
(Posted: 4/19/2022)

Project Manager, Exteriors & Historic Preservation
(Posted: 4/13/2022)

Associate Director, Exteriors & Historic Preservation
(Posted: 4/13/2022)

Project Manager
(Posted: 4/13/2022)

(Posted: 4/12/2022)

Project Manager/Project Architect
(Posted: 4/12/2022)

Preservation Project Assistant
(Posted: 3/31/2022)

Project Manager
(Posted: 3/31/2022)

Preservation Manager
(Posted: 3/30/2022)

Materials Conservation Specialist
(Posted: 3/17/2022)

Design Staff Level 1
(Posted: 3/14/2022)

Project Architect
(Posted: 3/14/2022)

Entry-to-Mid Level Architectural Preservation Associate
(Posted: 3/14/2022)

Project Manager
(Posted: 3/4/2022)