August 2017
We are extremely excited to announce the formation of a new APT technical committee focused on materials. The Technical Committee for Materials, to be co-chaired by Chris Gembinski and Lorraine Schnabel, has been formed to serve as a clearinghouse for information both on materials and architectural assemblies of historic building construction and on materials for building repair. The purpose of the committee is to gather information on the following:

  • the fundamental physical and chemical properties of building and repair materials
  • how physical and chemical properties relate to material performance, and the mechanisms of loss of performance
  • historical information on material manufacturing and assembly
  • sources of historic materials.

The committee will also explore methods proposed for the following:

  • testing historic materials performance properties
  • testing materials to be used for repair
  • treatment of building assemblies and architectural materials
  • preservation and replication using substitute materials
  • meeting national and international treatment standards.

Our primary goal is developing a dynamic method for sharing material information among preservation professionals. We also envision APT workshops, conference sessions, and cooperative efforts with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works' Architecture Specialty Group (AIC-ASG) as mechanisms for focusing on particular areas of interest.

Chris Gembinski, Technical Committee for Materials Co-Chair

Lorraine Schnabel, Technical Committee for Materials Co-Chair