Inclusion Advocacy Committee

The Inclusion Advocacy Committee's purpose is to encourage equity and cultural diversity within APT and the broader preservation community; foster networking between different cultures and organizations; and implement outreach to underrepresented communities in effort to collaboratively and fittingly preserve the built environment.

Partner - Connect and build partnerships for preservation and conservation-based objectives in other regions to expand the network and knowledge-sharing across multiple countries and cultures.

Educate - Make a continuous effort to continue the dialogue of the impact of preservation on underrepresented and marginalized communities; specifically, through conferences, publications, symposiums, tours and other workshops.

Diversify - Expand the cultural diversity within the APT community membership and network to promote dialogue and participation between diverse perspectives and voices.

Advocate - Inspire understanding and support for the goals of our organization by advocating and contributing to local communities where APT conferences are held via workshops or larger projects.

If you are interested in joining or learning more information about the Inclusion Advocacy Committee, contact us.

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Ronnie Cameron, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

Melbourne Garber, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

Tiffani Simple, Inclusion Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

APT Statement against Racial Injustice (Adopted June 2020)