APT Kansas City 2015 - November 1-5 - The Brass on Baltimore

Customized Sponsorship Opportunities

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Customized Opportunities
Event Sponsor Opportunities and Benefits
Recognized for sponsoring a specific Conference event (or item).
Please call Marti Smith at 703-261-5025 or email exhibits@apti.org  for details on the following opportunities:

Mobile App: $15,000 SOLD!    
Requirements: Pay the partner fee.

Lobby Lounge: $15,000     
Requirements: Pay a partner fee of $15,000, provide your own furnishings for your space, provide own electric, internet and A/V as needed. Lounge will be manned by company representatives during open times.

Welcome Banners: $5,000     
Requirements: Design, produce, purchase and ship two banners (per APT specs) and pay the partner fee.

Tote Bags: $7,500     
Requirements:Design, produce, purchase and ship up to 600 tote bags to KC and  pay the partner fee.

Opening Keynote Speaker: $5,000     

APT Banquet: $5,000

Lanyards: $3,500 SOLD!

Internet Zone: $3,500

App Lounge: $3,500

Chapters and New Member Breakfast: $2,500

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