APT Kansas City 2015 - November 1-5 - The Brass on Baltimore

2015 Student Scholars

APT has selected the following students to receive an APT Kansas City 2015 Conference registration and a complimentary one-year APT membership.  Each APT Student Scholar has been invited to give an oral presentation during one of the Conference paper sessions. Each student has been assigned a mentor from the APT College of Fellows and a Session Chair to ensure that he/she develops a quality program.

One student has also be awarded the Martin Weaver Student Scholarship for research. Martin Edward Weaver (1938-2004) was a well-known senior research scholar and adjunct associate professor of historic preservation at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation from 1991 to 2003. He was also a member of the APT College of Fellows. He was an expert in the conservation of wood-based architectural materials and helped develop the scientific field of architectural conservation both in the United States and internationally.

We congratulate Christopher Whitman, awarded the 2015 Martin Weaver Student Scholarship!

Namhyuck Ahn, LEED Green Associate
University of Texas at Austin
(CS09) Energy Retrofit of Historic Masonry Structures
Advisor:  Michael Holleran
Mentor:  Marilyn Kaplan
Sujin Kim
University of Florida
(CS07) 3D Documentation for the Management of Heritage Sites Prone to Water Damage: Laser Scanning and Mesh Modeling the Built Heritage and Contexts of Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Thailand and Shwe-Nandaw Kyaung, Myanmar
Advisor:  Morris Hylton
Mentor:  Kent Slade Diebolt, FAPT
Sara Alinia, S.M.A.S.C.E.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
(CS04) Suitability of Techniques of FRP Retrofit for Historic URM Buildings
Advisor:  Brad Cross
Mentor:  Donald Friedman, PE
Sarah Love
Georgia State University
(CS12) Geophysics in Historic Preservation: A Convergence of Subfields
Advisor:  Richard Laub
Mentor:  Lonnie J. Hovey, AIA, FAPT
Jocelyn Chan
University of Pennsylvania
(CS10) An Investigation of the Painted Finishes of Mission San José De Tumacácori Façade: At the Interface of Materials Analysis, Conservation, and Cultural Confluence
Advisor:  Frank Matero
Mentor:  Thomas H. Taylor, Jr., PhD, FAPT, FAIC
Courtney Magill
The University of Pennsylvania
(CS19) Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Hydrophobic and Ultraviolet Protective Treatments for Historic Log Structures
Advisor:  Frank Matero
Mentor:  David M. Hart, AIA, FAPT
Kat Gardner
Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture Planning & Preservation
(CS20) A Bitter Truth: The Efficacy of Astringent Persimmon As a Bio-Alternative to Standard Wood Preservation Treatments
Advisor:  Norman Weiss
Mentor:  Ronald D. Staley, FAPT, Hon AIA-MI
Corey Manchenton
Columbia University
(CS06) Color Me Interested: Identification of Pigments in Trade Catalogues
Advisor:  Mary Jablonski
Mentor:  Anne E. Weber, FAIA, FAPT
Suki Gershenhorn
Columbia University
(CS02) History and Material Investigation of Rustic Ferrocement Sculptures
Advisor:  Norman Weiss
Mentor:  Ilene R. Tyler, FAIA, FAPT, LEED AP
Sloane Taliaferro
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
(CS08) Documentation and Testing of 19th Century Limewash Recipes in the United States
Advisor:  Norman Weiss
Mentor:  David G. Woodcock, FAIA, FSA, FAPT
Erin Gibbs
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
(CS03) A Fight Against Nature: Preserving the Temples at Omrit
Advisor:  Ann Sullivan
Mentor:  Pamela Jerome, AIA, LEED, AP, FAPT
The Martin Weaver Scholarship award winner: Christopher Whitman B.Arch (Hons), Dip.Arch
Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University
(CS15) In Situ Thermal Resistance Monitoring of Traditional and Modern Infill Panels of a 15th Century Cruck-Framed Dwelling, in Herefordshire UK
Advisor:  Oriel Prizeman
Mentor:  Caroline Alderson
Joshua Jones
Savannah College of Art and Design
(CS16) Emerging Technology for Preservationists: Drones
Advisor:  Thomas Taylor
Mentor:  Michael F. Lynch, P.E., AIA, FAPT
Julianne Wiesner-Chianese
School of Design, University of Pennsylvania
(CS13) Modern in the Mountains: An Analysis of the Structural and Decorative Concrete at Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, WY
Advisor:  Frank Matero
Mentor:  Walker Johnson, FAIA, Principal 

 These kind individuals and organizations have contributed to the 2015 Student Scholarship Fund :

Anthony & Associates, Inc.
APT Northeast Chapter
Atkinson-Noland & Associates
Catherine Vieth
Dane Rausch
David Woodcock
Donald Friedman
Eric Pattison
Erin Fisher
Evan Kopelson
Gladding McBean
Ilene Tyler
Janet Null
Joan Berkowitz
Joseph Torres
Kathryn Irwin
Kyle Normandin
Lesley Gilmore & Robert Franzen
Lois Nelson
Michael Lynch
Natalie Feinberg Lopez
Pamela Jerome
Robert Mack
Sue Anne Pemberton
Thomas Morrison
Timothy Crowe
Trudy Faulkner
VoidSpan Technologies

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