2018 APT Student Scholarship Winners


Allison Arlotta
Columbia University
Heritage and Material Reuse: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Preservation and Waste Reduction Heritage and Material Reuse

Ethan Boote
Columbia University
Policy Informs Practice: Promoting Operating Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings Through Local Regulation Refinement

Maanvi Chawla
University of Florida
What is Ocala block?

Ashley Danielson
Ball State Unversity
Preservation Through Digitization: Using Photogrammetry as a Tool for Replicating Building Components

Brittany Foley
Tulane University
High-performance retrofits of Mid-Century Curtain Wall: A case study analysis of opportunities to enhance thermal performance using low-impact, reversible solutions.

Nicole Frank
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Mid-Century Glass Block: The Colored, Patterned, and Textured Era

Michael Gutland
Carleton University
Integrated Hygrothermal and Energy Modelling Methodologies for Heritage Buildings in Cold Climates

Katherine Hill
University of Texas at Austin
What does it mean to preserve a historic technology? Exploring revitalization, interpretation and adaptation at historic hydropower sites.

Manogna Kavuru
Texas A&M University
Holistic approach to a Preservation Project - Traverse chemical injection factory, Izmit, Turkey.

Lori Martin
The University of Texas at Austin
Mid-Century Modern Residence as Historic House – The Acme Ceramic Housing Project

Tina McCarthy
Boston Architectural College
Deconstructing the culture of demolition: Exploring deconstruction as a preservation strategy

Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Design Department of Historic Presrvation
An Alternative Technique for Low-Cost, Non-Destructive Moisture Monitoring in Adobe Walls using Embedded RFID Technology

Micaela Skoknic Dockendorff
Pratt Institute
Em)Powering Heritage

Hajo Spaethe
University of Alberta (Canada) & University of Freiburg (Germany)
Comparative Performance Evaluation of Coatings on Common Albertan Wood Species

Sara Stratte
University of Pennsylvania
Evaluating the Deterioration of Historic Cement Stucco Using Traditional Condition Assessment and Digital Analyses