The Art of the Plasterer:

Charleston’s Ornamental Plaster [FS5]

Tuesday, October 2, 2:00–5:30

Fees: APT Conference registrants–$100  PTN IPTW registrants–$150    Includes: snack, transportation, materials 
Capacity: 20
Transportation: Walkable, departing from Francis Marion Hotel
Dress Code: Casual with sturdy walking shoes
Handicapped Accessibility: Limited
Continuing Education:

Field Session:
Charleston is known for its beautiful historic homes, many of which contain elaborate ornamental plaster molding, medallions, and mantels. This field session will take you through two recent restoration projects that boast some of the most striking ornamental plaster Charleston has to offer. The master plasterers who completed these projects will describe their approaches, techniques, and materials.


  • David Hueske, master plasterer, Charleston, SC, USA
  • David Hoffman, President, Edgewood Builders, Charleston, SC, USA


  • Hillary King, Bennett Preservation Engineering PC, Charleston, SC, USA
  • Lyles McBratney, Bennett Preservation Engineering PC, Charleston, SC, USA

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the relationship of design professional and craftsman while designing and implementing repair/restoration of historic ornamental plaster.
  • Discuss historic plaster materials and tools, and demonstrate historic plastering techniques.
  • Discuss available materials and how to choose the proper material for a variety of projects.
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