What Is APT?

The Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) is a multi - disciplinary, membership organization dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving/preserving historic structures and their settings. Membership in APT provides exceptional opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas.

APT members, who hail from more than 30 countries, include preservationists, architects, engineers, conservators, consultants, contractors, craftspersons, curators, developers, educators, historians, landscape architects, students, technicians, and other persons directly involved in the application of methods and materials to maintain, conserve, and protect historic structures and sites for future use and appreciation.

The international, interdisciplinary character of APT - with its outstanding publications, conferences, training courses, awards, student scholarships, regional chapters, and technical committees - makes it the premier worldwide network for anyone involved in the field of historic preservation. 

APT’s mission is to advance appropriate traditional and new technologies to care for, protect, and promote the longevity of the built environment and to cultivate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international community.

APT Presidents 1969 - 2019

History of APT

Excerpt from "Three Decades of Interdisciplinary Preservation Technology: APT Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary" by Diana S. Waite and Laura Shore

Over the past three decades the Association for Preservation Technology has had a significant impact on the preservation movement in North America. Started in 1968 as a joint venture between preservationists in Canada and the United States, it now has more than 1,500 members in 19 countries. Known for its highly regarded conferences, training and education programs, and publications on the technical aspects of preservation, APT is a trusted resource for preservationists worldwide.

But beyond being a generator and leading source of information on preservation technology, APT has developed a devoted and loyal membership because it provides exceptional opportunities for the cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas.

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