Preservation Technology Primer
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The Preservation Technology Primer is a guide to preservation practice with articles of cutting-edge technologies, preservation theory, and innovative solutions from leading international practitioners. The Primer brings together 52 of the best articles that have been published over the past 40 years in the APT Bulletin, the leading technical journal for professionals in historic preservation.

This publication is an important ready reference for those entering the field and provides a much-needed text for preservation-technology courses in academic programs and in training and education programs for crafts and trades. 

APT International Grant Publications 

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Mechanical Anchor Strength in Stone Masonry

A Grading Protocol for Structural Lumber and Timber in Historic Structures


Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Conservation: A Literature Review
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This literature review provides an overview of recent English-language research and policy that addresses climate change and the conservation of cultural heritage. The initial purpose of this review is to help inform organizations like the Association for Preservation Technology (APT), the National Center for Preservation & Technology and Training (NCPTT), and others involved in preservation/conservation research, in formulating priorities or strategies for research and education.

The APT Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation (TC-SP) focus group on Education and Research, chaired by Hugh Miller and Susan Ross, provides an ongoing forum for discussing APT’s sustainable preservation research agenda. The 2016 APT Bulletin Special Issue on Climate Change and Preservation Technology is a related effort; articles in the Special Issue are included in this review.


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