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BOOK IT: A Canadian Conservation ‘Living Library’ Cocktail Hour Open House
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
Category: APT Chapter Event

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP) and all five Canadian Chapters of the Association for Preservation Technology (APT) present: BOOK IT: A Canadian Conservation ‘Living Library’ Cocktail Hour Open House 

Join the national cocktail hour event 7:30 to 8:30 pm Eastern on May 12th, 2021.  Come drink in hand for an informal and lively debate.  No agenda, no presentations, just people and their opinions.

For this Living Library attendees will be able to browse through a selection of important and interesting books: some of the most knowledgeable and respected professionals in the country. 

How this works:  the zoom link below acts as your library card for this event.  Once you’ve clicked to join the library, choose the breakout room of the book you’re interested in.   Feel free to read as many books as you like.  Check out the entertaining cover blurbs below to pique your interest.

Join the meeting:


 Natalie Bull, FAPT
Executive Director, National Trust for Canada
A sweeping love story of epic proportions, with conservation campaigns waged, heritage places saved, and tragic losses suffered. High stakes, great places, lucky breaks, and a cast of thousands.

Mark Thompson Brandt, FAPT, CAHP, OAA, LEED AP, AIA-IA
Senior Conservation Architect & Urbanist, MTBA
A taut trilogy that begins with a little thing called “Survival” (the defining accomplishment of our generation?), moves through the new buzzphrase: “Decarbonization”, and lands on “The New 3Rs” (Reduce, Reuse, Rehab/Retrofit).

Subplots winding through the trilogy include “ON FIRE: The Good War” (The Klein sibling authors laying it all out there); “LOVING CARBON: Let’s count the ways” and “LCA: Lifecycle ‘Cost -OR- Carbon’ Assessment?”.

Spoiler alert: The Circular Economy meets The Green New Deal: How Heritage Can Lead.


Victoria Angel, MA, BA (Hons), CAHP
Associate – Cultural Heritage Lead, ERA Architects Inc.
Challenging traditional notions of heritage and conservation to remind us that everyone has a right to be involved in heritage conservation and a role in our processes.  From apartment towers to monuments, these sites are important to who we are and to our future.  This fast-paced debate can only be crafted by someone with extensive experience on all sides of the planning and cultural heritage discussion.

Jill Taylor, OAA, FRAIC, CAHP, LEED AP & Friends
Principal, Taylor Hazell Architecturs Ltd. & Friends from Taylor Hazell, Tacoma Engineering , J.G. Cooke Engineering
This eerie thriller places Jonathan, Rob, Charles, and Jill at the scene of some of the most deteriorated heritage properties imaginable: conservation post-fire, remnants in fields, walking in goo and what rebuilding means when only the dangling bits are left. Brought to you by THA, Tacoma (Code Warriors), and JG Cooke.

Hugh Daechsel, MA, BSc, CAHP
Principal Manager of Archaeological and Museum Services, LHC
In this gripping memoir, we find Hugh in his “50th” year of doing archaeology (predating the Ontario Heritage Act) and nowhere near done.  He is delighted to share perspectives and observations of where the consulting discipline has been and where it is headed, at least in Ontario. Lots of territory here including the rise (and fall?) of corporate archaeology, indigenous engagement, regulations, the union movement, and role of academic archaeology to name a few.

Sarah Gray, P.Eng., CAHP
Principal, RDH Building Science Inc.
Sarah once made the mistake of wearing a dress and high heels to her first day of her first job – only to be assigned to climb up ladders and review a roof that same day.  Since then, you will find her wearing jeans and steel-toed boots so that she can visit old buildings on a moment’s notice. Her happiest moments are discovering unique masonry details and figuring out the source of water leaks.

John Cooke, P.Eng., FCSC, RSW
President, John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd.
Stone Masonry:  Conserve or Demolish?
The Dos and Do Nots of Contemporary versus Historic methodologies for upgrading Period Masonry.  The application of Contemporary Codes and Standards to Period Masonry.

Donovan Pauly MSc. CAHP, APTi, ICOMOS
Architectural Conservator, Clifford Masonry Limited
From a humble, back to the land hippie upbringing in rural Eastern Ontario, this protagonist enters the world of traditional building. He trains as a Heritage and Traditional Stonemason, works on some interesting projects, and finally goes out on his own to make his way in the world. After some time of quite modest business success, he travels abroad with his girlfriend (later to become his wife). They train as Conservators and work on some lovely structures and monuments, meet exciting and eccentric people, go to interesting places, and eventually return to Canada.

They both continue to work in the Building Conservation field in the Toronto area and pursue interests in masonry, art, metals, and glass, raising an interesting child and making strange, noisy music with close friends (when possible).

Elana Zyblat, CAHP
Heritage Consultant, Ance Building Services Co. Inc.
Robust, relevant, and sustainable use is as important to heritage conservation planning as the bricks and mortar. Heritage consultant Elana Zysblat may be a building specialist, but is first and foremost interested in people and our meaningful connection to places.

Associate Professor, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, Carleton University
Reflections of a sustainable conservation advocate.  Take a journey though a lifetime of involvement and action in how conservation is sustainability in practice.

Director, EVOQ Architecture Inc.
Read the book everyone is talking about.  A mind-blowing tour de force.

Donald Luxton, FRAIC, CAHP
Senior Cultural Heritage Advisor, Donald Luxton & Associates Inc.