Executive Committee

  • Lena Buchinger, President
  • Taryn Williams, Past President, Chair Nominating Committee
  • Julia Manglitz, Vice President, Co-Chair Conferences Committee
  • Robert Hotes, Vice President, Co-Chair Partnerships & Outreach Committee
  • Lurita McIntosh Blank, Treasurer
  • Greg Galer, Executive Director


  • Emily Beauregard, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Renata Campiotto, Director, Co-Chair Academics & Research Committee
  • Germaine Joseph, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Sarah Gray, Director, Co-Chair Technical Committee on Preservation Engineering
  • Melbourne Garber, Director, Co-Chair Inclusion Advocacy
  • Sarah Migliore, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Wesley Wilson, Emerging Professional, Co-Chair Development Committee
  • Jamie Morris, Director, Co-Chair Development Committee
  • Marco Rezende, Director, Co-Chair Chapters Committee
  • Elaine Shapiro, Director, Co-Chair Student Scholarships & Outreach Committee, Professional Recognition Board Member
  • Tiffani Simple, Director, Co-Chair Inclusion Advocacy Committee
  • Cristina Ureche-Trifu, Director, Co-Chair Publications Committee


  • Michael Tomlan, Director-at-Lage, Co-Chair Academics & Research Committee
  • Nikolas Masall-Moritz, Director-at-Large, Co-Chair Training & Education Committee


   AIA Historic Resources

  • Sue Ann Pemberton


  • Lori Ferriss

    College of Fellows

  • Mary Jablonski, Ex-officio, with voting rights


  • Pamela Jerome


  • Michael Tomlan

AIA Historic Resources Committee

Standing Committees Leadership

Academics & Research

  • Michael Tomlan, Co-Chair
  • Lena Currie, Co-Chair
  • Renata Campiotto, Co-Chair
Bylaws, Policy, & Ethics
  • John Diodati, Chair
  • James Banta, Co-Chair
  • Marco Rezende, Co-Chair
  • Julia Manglitz, Co-Chair
  • Kyle Normandin, Co-Chair
  • Jamie Morris, Co-Chair
  • Wesley Wilson, Co-Chair
Inclusion Advocacy
  • Ronnie Cameron, Co-Chair
  • Tiffani Simple, Co-Chair
  • Melbourne Garber, Co-Chair
  • Emily Beauregard, Co-Chair
  • Germaine Joseph, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Migliore, Co-Chair
  • Taryn Williams, Chair
Partnerships & Outreach
  • Robert Hotes, Co-Chair
  • Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner, Co-Chair
Professional Recognition

  • Lyles McBratney, Chair
  • Elaine Shapiro, Board Member
  • Emily Beauregard, Board Member
  • Caroline Alderson, COF Member
  • Kevin Daly, At-large
  • Stacey Keller, At-large


  • Cristina Radu, Co-Chair
  • Lesley Gilmore, Co-Chair
  • Cristina Ureche-Triffu, Co-Chair

Student Scholarships & Outreach

  • Elaine Shapiro, Co-Chair
  • Andreea Hamilton, Co-Chair
Ad-Hoc Committees


  • Lonnie Hovey, Chair (Archivist)
  • Justin Spivey, Vice Chair (Deputy-Archivist)
Technical Committees

TC - Codes & Standards

  • Mike Jackson, Co-Chair
  • Marilyn Kaplan, Co-Chair
TC - Documentation
  • Chris Gray, Co-Chair
  • Doug Pritchard, Co-Chair

TC - Modern Heritage

  • Caroline Alderson, Co-Chair
  • Kelly Sutherlin-McLeod, Co-Chair

TC - Materials

  • Chris Gembinski, Co-Chair
  • Lorraine Schnabel, Co-Chair
  • Paul Gaudette, Co-Chair

Preservation Engineering TC

  • Sarah Gray, Co-Chair
  • Rachel Will, Co-Chair
  • Amy Woods, Co-Chair

TC - Sustainable Preservation

  • Evanne St. Charles, Co-Chair
  • Cory Rouillard, Co-Chair
  • Lori Ferriss, Co-Chair