The APT Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who serve as trustees, acting on behalf of the APT membership. As a group, APT Directors are responsible for the fulfillment of the organization's mission by developing and evaluating a strategic plan, overseeing execution of the plan, and providing oversight of the organization's activities.

Service on the APT Board of Directors provides opportunities to network with the leaders in the profession and develop lifelong professional and personal relationships. Board service provides a unique opportunity to engage and build relationships with the highest level of professionals in the field internationally.

APT Board members meet at least quarterly, lead committees, execute the Strategic Plan, and act as ambassadors for APT to serve our mission to promote the best technology to preserve historic structures and their settings.

Interesting in joining the board? The 2024 Call for Nominations is open until August 1. 

Executive Committee

  • Lena Buchinger, President
  • Taryn Williams, Past President, Chair Nominating Committee
  • Julia Manglitz, Vice President, Co-Chair Conferences Committee
  • Robert Hotes, Vice President, Co-Chair Partnerships & Outreach Committee
  • Lurita McIntosh Blank, Treasurer
  • Greg Galer, Executive Director


  • Emily Beauregard, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Renata Campiotto, Director, Co-Chair Academics & Research Committee
  • Germaine Joseph, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Sarah Gray, Director, Co-Chair Technical Committee on Preservation Engineering
  • Melbourne Garber, Director, Co-Chair Inclusion Advocacy
  • Sarah Migliore, Director, Co-Chair Membership Committee
  • Wesley Wilson, Emerging Professional, Co-Chair Development Committee
  • Jamie Morris, Director, Co-Chair Development Committee
  • Marco Rezende, Director, Co-Chair Chapters Committee
  • Elaine Shapiro, Director, Co-Chair Student Scholarships & Outreach Committee, Professional Recognition Board Member
  • Tiffani Simple, Director, Co-Chair Inclusion Advocacy Committee
  • Cristina Ureche-Trifu, Director, Co-Chair Publications Committee


  • Michael Tomlan, Director-at-Lage, Co-Chair Academics & Research Committee
  • Nikolas Masall-Moritz, Director-at-Large, Co-Chair Training & Education Committee


   AIA Historic Resources

  • Sue Ann Pemberton


  • Lori Ferriss

    College of Fellows

  • Mary Jablonski, Ex-officio, with voting rights


  • Pamela Jerome


  • Michael Tomlan

AIA Historic Resources Committee

Standing Committees Leadership

Academics & Research

  • Michael Tomlan, Co-Chair
  • Lena Currie, Co-Chair
  • Renata Campiotto, Co-Chair
Bylaws, Policy, & Ethics
  • John Diodati, Chair
  • James Banta, Co-Chair
  • Marco Rezende, Co-Chair
  • Julia Manglitz, Co-Chair
  • Kyle Normandin, Co-Chair
  • Jamie Morris, Co-Chair
  • Wesley Wilson, Co-Chair
Inclusion Advocacy
  • Ronnie Cameron, Co-Chair
  • Tiffani Simple, Co-Chair
  • Melbourne Garber, Co-Chair
  • Emily Beauregard, Co-Chair
  • Germaine Joseph, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Migliore, Co-Chair
  • Taryn Williams, Chair
Partnerships & Outreach
  • Robert Hotes, Co-Chair
  • Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner, Co-Chair
Professional Recognition

  • Lyles McBratney, Chair
  • Elaine Shapiro, Board Member
  • Emily Beauregard, Board Member
  • Caroline Alderson, COF Member
  • Kevin Daly, At-large
  • Stacey Keller, At-large


  • Cristina Radu, Co-Chair
  • Lesley Gilmore, Co-Chair
  • Cristina Ureche-Triffu, Co-Chair

Student Scholarships & Outreach

  • Elaine Shapiro, Co-Chair
  • Andreea Hamilton, Co-Chair
Ad-Hoc Committees


  • Lonnie Hovey, Chair (Archivist)
  • Justin Spivey, Vice Chair (Deputy-Archivist)
Technical Committees

TC - Codes & Standards

  • Mike Jackson, Co-Chair
  • Marilyn Kaplan, Co-Chair
TC - Documentation
  • Chris Gray, Co-Chair
  • Doug Pritchard, Co-Chair

TC - Modern Heritage

  • Caroline Alderson, Co-Chair
  • Kelly Sutherlin-McLeod, Co-Chair

TC - Materials

  • Chris Gembinski, Co-Chair
  • Lorraine Schnabel, Co-Chair
  • Paul Gaudette, Co-Chair

Preservation Engineering TC

  • Sarah Gray, Co-Chair
  • Rachel Will, Co-Chair
  • Amy Woods, Co-Chair

TC - Sustainable Preservation

  • Evanne St. Charles, Co-Chair
  • Cory Rouillard, Co-Chair
  • Lori Ferriss, Co-Chair