T&E Mission and Charges


The Training and Education (T&E) Committee coordinates with APT’s committees, chapters, and membership to curate and guide APT’s educational programming and to enhance APT’s leadership in preservation technology.



  1. Develop an annual content delivery plan among all committees.

  2. Provide input to the Conferences and Local Conference Committees in planning future conferences (2-3 years out).

  3. Repurpose content from annual conferences and other APT events (including chapter events) to maximize impact of APT’s programs. 

  4. Reach underserved and underrepresented audiences.  

  5. Continuously explore different delivery models in order to maximize attendance and outreach.

  6. Foster content for and from underrepresented communities, and to ensure our presentations and presenters are diverse and inclusive.

  7. Create and communicate standard procedures for committees to use when developing content (including speaker agreements, CEU requirements, etc.).

  8. Develop strategies to balance outreach and revenue generation for APT.

  9. Implement and maintain process for content posted online, including review of content, posting, communication, and removal.

  10. Monitor consistency and quality of content, and oversee APT’s compliance with applicable continuing education requirements.

  11. T&E is responsible for high-level strategy and distribution of content. APT’s committees and chapters are responsible for developing content. APT’s Association Management Company provides administrative and logistical support, and coordination of archiving events.

Richard Renaud, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair

Bryan Green, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair

Nikolas Marsall-Moritz, Training and Education Committee Co-Chair